Utilizing Telehealth for Rural Communities

Utilizing Telehealth for Rural Communities

Rural community clinics and FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) have long struggled with providing stable and reliable clinical staff to see their patients. Constraints on the budget have long impacted the quality of care outside of cities. By utilizing telemedicine, rural facilities are better to serve their communities with high-quality medical care. Below we explain some of the advantages of using telehealth programs in rural and isolated areas.

Advantages of Using a Telehealth Program

1. Increased Availability

Telehealth provides clinicians only when they are needed to facilities that have low volume or that are located in rural areas.

2. Lower Costs

Utilizing a managed telehealth company like Vivo TeleHealth lowers costs by providing turnkey clinicians without the overhead. All Vivo TeleHealth clinicians come complete with malpractice and equipment at an all-inclusive hourly rate. Facilities no longer have to incur travel costs employment costs on clinical staff.

3. Better Patient Outcomes

Use telemedicine to expand provider availability and patient outcomes. Instead of referring out to specialists, FQHCs can refer to one of their telemedicine specialists for patient care. Vivo TeleHealth clinicians scribe in the clinic’s EMR/EHR system keeping all providers in the loop. Patients experience the advantages of telemedicine without technological constraints

4. Time To Care

Telehealth greatly speeds up program implementation. Rural facilities no longer have to worry about lengthy recruitment processes and potential provider turnover. Vivo TeleHealth can take a specialty telemedicine program live within weeks.

Don’t let your patients suffer from a lack of quality care affecting rural communities. Implement a telehealth program at your facility today with Vivo TeleHealth.