Telehealth Work for Clinicians

Telehealth Work for Clinicians

Telehealth Work for Clinicians

Telemedicine is rapidly changing the way clinicians practice medicine, but also the types of opportunities that are available to them.

Just like traditional medicine, there are also specialties and different modalities of care when it comes to telemedicine. It all becomes just a matter of preference to the provider.


Asynchronous telemedicine also known as “store and forward” is when the patient answers a series of questions related to their condition or provides a video or a photo. The clinician and patient do not interact in real-time.

These positions tend to work well for solo practice physicians looking to make money between patient visits.


Synchronous telemedicine is live 2-way interactive communication with the patient. This can be done by phone or by video. Commonly this is used by mental health specialists involved in telemedicine. It is also frequently seen with online urgent care clinics.


Remote medical work does not only stop with patient care. There are plenty of non-clinical opportunities that require physicians. This may include utilization review or case management for insurance companies or remotely charting for Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistants.

Whether you are looking for permanent telehealth positions or short-term or long-term contract work, Vivo TeleHealth is here to help. Feel free to contact us today.