TeleHealth Solutions

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TeleHealth clinicians for scheduled outpatient visits

Vivo TeleHealth provides physician specialists to integrate with existing out-patient clinics. Outpatient clinics refer within their organization by utilizing telehealth providers.


Telehealth clinicians for inpatient needs

Vivo TeleHealth provides hospitalists, ER triage, and other specialty services to hospitals to relieve patient volume and staffing shortages.
telehealth solution
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Health Plans

Provide Telehealth services for your member

Vivo TeleHealth can start and operate online telehealth clinics for your plan members in a variety of specialties. We provide the telehealth platform, scheduling, billing, and providers turnkey.

In addition to Telehealth, Vivo provides utilization review, case management, and physician peer review services.


Provide Telehealth services to your students

Vivo TeleHealth can start and operate online telehealth clinics to supplement on-site college clinics. Vivo can operate mental health and asynchronous platforms for refill and follow-up patient care.

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Telemedicine Platforms

Provide Telehealth Clinicians to see your patients

Vivo TeleHealth has over 10 years of telehealth staffing experience building and operating clinical provider networks.


Just a few of the specialists we provide


Our physician specialist program was designed to help rural and understaffed facilities with providing adequate staff to handle patient volume.

Mental Health

Our Mental Health team of psychiatrists, therapists, and case workers coordinate care of your existing patients. Start a Mental Health program or compliment your existing program.

Allied Specialists

In addition to our Physicians and Mental Health Clinicians, we offer allied professional staff including Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, and Dentists.


Our pharmacists are available for remote consultations, remote dispensing, and pharmacy case management.


Our nurses are available to provide triage, after-hours, utilization review and case management to facilities via telemedicine.

Utilization Reviews

Our utilization program is staffed by MDs, PharmDs, and RNs. We are able help health plans and other payers save up to 50% on their current utilization review rates.

Peer Review

Our team of clinicians are able to provide clinical peer review services to healthcare organizations across the United States.


Our Medical Review Officers are available to provide volume MRO review to facilities across the United States.