Telemedicine Staffing

Telemedicine Staffing

Telemedicine Staffing

Telemedicine allows clinician healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients remotely with the use of technology. Healthcare organizations normally utilize telemedicine clinicians to increase provider availability and patient outcomes.

Our experienced team has been staffing telemedicine clinicians since 2011.

What We Provide:

  1. Telemedicine Staffing (Locum Tenens)
  2. Telemedicine Permanent Recruitment
  3. Telemedicine Implementation Consulting
  4. Turnkey Operation (Build, Staff, and Operate)

What’s Our Difference:

  1. We have been in the healthcare staffing industry since 2010
  2. A full panel of telemedicine clinicians in all specialties
  3. Flexibility (Daily, hourly, or per consult rate)
  4. Turnkey (Program Infrastructure, staffing, and daily operation)

Let our team assist you with your telemedicine staffing needs.

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