Telemedicine Staffing

Telemedicine Staffing Telemedicine allows clinician healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients remotely with the use of technology. Healthcare organizations normally utilize telemedicine clinicians to increase provider availability and patient…

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Define: Telemedicine

Define Telemedicine Telemedicine is the remote practice of medicine by audio, video, computer, or interpretation of data. Telemedicine is commonly used as a synonym to describe remote clinical services such…

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Telehealth Work for Clinicians

Telehealth Work for Clinicians Telemedicine is rapidly changing the way clinicians practice medicine, but also the types of opportunities that are available to them. Just like traditional medicine, there are…

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Common Telemedicine Billing Codes
Man working with billing

Common Telemedicine Billing Codes

Billing for Telemedicine Historically, the adoption of telemedicine has been slow due to the complexities surrounding reimbursement. CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and private payers have been slow…

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